Sunday, August 19, 2018

Pininfarina Study: A Super Yacht For The Road

As customers of high-end cars continue to demand more exclusivity, more performance and greater luxury, car makers and design firms are being forced to break free from the traditional mold and explore new niches.

 Mercedes-Maybach did just that last year by releasing the 6 Concept, a ginormous two-door coupe fit for a Russian oligarch. While we don’t yet know if that car will reach production, it has inspired artist Jinwook Jeong to render a similar vehicle but this time from famed Italian design house Pininfarina.

 Essentially a super yacht for the road, the Pininfarina Vision Concept has a similar shape to the Maybach courtesy of its impossibly-long hood, short front overhang, streamlined roof and elongated rear. However, unlike the Maybach which prioritizes a simple design fitting for a German company, the Pininfarina’s design is more complex and plays host to many curves, character lines and intakes that are purely there for aesthetics.

As impressive as the design is, such a vehicle from Pininfarina is unlikely to ever reach the market. However, we might get to see what a Pininfarina-designed all-electric Mahindra supercar could look like in the not too distant future.