Tuesday, December 5, 2017

Tjaarda Design - part 10 - Summary

This is the last edition of a series of  9 previous TJAARDA DESIGN- stories that Tom Tjaarda entrusted me and were published on my blog. This 10th edition with a detailed summary of all his automotive design projects was on my former website Spidersweb.nl from mid-March 2004 till December 2014 and when my site was hacked all this detailed information was lost.

Because of the beasty job to find all this information back again, this last edition was not on my blog till now and I am proud to present it to you finally   HERE  .
It finalizes the complete TJAARDA DESIGN AUTOMOTIVE WORKS  that can be characterized in Tjaarda's own professional credo: perfect harmony of proportions, shapes and lines.

Though the designer's life was somewhat simpler during the Pantera's heyday, Tjaarda said that:  " Styling and quality have been elevated to such a high standard that a large portion of automotive design has reached a level of similarity the world over.
Now the challenge is improving the current, exceptional standards, while at the same time, making cars that are dissimilar - not between countries, but between manufacturers ".

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And for those who need more than words about the close contact I had with Tom Tjaarda, maybe   this image   or   this image   might help.