Friday, December 1, 2017

My former SPIDERSWEB - part 2

Found also back the very nice letters from Tom Tjaarda he wrote in the first months of 2004, just a few months after my very first steps on the world wide web with

He was flabbergasted to read and hear from me as the first individual 124 Spider owner / lover to contact him directly and personally in Torino. I replied that I hardly could believe him and said he was obviously making a joke with so many 124 Spider clubs and enthusiasts spread all over the world.
"No no no", he replied decisively, "you are absolutely the very first individual 124 Spider owner who directly contacted me, apart from appointments and encounters that I had with professional car magazine journalists".

"Reason why I will write exclusively for you and your magnificent website the complete 'making-of ' the 124 Spider story that I never told or wrote anyone before. One of the coming days, when I am in the right mood, I will write you this story, I promise".

And Tom kept his promise ! 
Read his story by clicking on the blue text 'Fiat 124 Spider' in the second  square box at the right side of this text block. 


And then he wrote on March 4, 2004:

Dear Mr. Westen,
We in our office saw your website today and all were very impressed by your expertise to create such an interesting and professional presentation.

I would like to thank you for expressing such vivid interest not only in the Fiat 124 Spyder, but also regarding design and other related cultural subjects. It was a pleasure to be able to participate in your magnificent website.

Tom Tjaarda - Torino, Italy


And on March 16, 2004 he wrote again:

Dear Mr. Westen,

I had a great Sunday in Modena at the Fiat 124 Society which hosted a really wonderful gathering of about a hundred members of that car club. I was picked up at the train station, naturally with a 124 Spyder, and suddenly I realized how small the car really is, but in any case, also how enthusiastic they all are about the car.

Am surprised that the Italian mail system is now functioning very well and you have already received the material which I sent. Actually I sent this to you thinking that it would be useful for your archives and to use it as you wish, when the need comes up, since you are interested in many forms of art, design and architecture.

Interesting that you are a jewelry designer. Where I live in the hills of Torino, my neighbor is married to the nephew of Pietro Frua, the famous Torinese auto designer. He is a well known jewelry designer himself and also owner of the entire Frua archives which is housed on the property where I live. I am sure that you learned patience from your profession.

Let me know if you need something more concerning my work or if I can be useful in some way.
I will have to create a new website soon, more complete and up to date and so I may call in on your expertise on this project if you can spare the time and naturally accept being paid for this service.

But for now I have enough to think about concerning the new PSV vehicle we are reading for production and also a new sports car which should be ready for next years Geneva show. All the best for now,
Tom Tjaarda


Anthony's afterword:
A few months after Tom Tjaarda's request to me, he met the German car historian Stefan Dierkes, who already had set up the history archive of the well-known Italian car designer Pietro Frua, which archive resided at Tom Tjaarda's property.
Mr. Dierkes then also made the archive for Tom Tjaarda and set it online in this website as a clear and simple list of facts and figures.

After publication of the site, I did not want to interfere or force myself forward in this matter out of respect, although I had a completely different website in mind for Tom Tjaarda.