Tuesday, November 28, 2017

Unique Fiat 124 Spider jigsaw puzzles

For about twenty years, I purchased in Russia from the Moscow student Lena Pankratova a magnificent jigsaw puzzle game that she had created to be able to pay and complete her studies.

I never ever play computer games, but thought this was so superbly created, that I could not resist its temptation. It really is by far the greatest and best created digital jigsaw puzzle game in the world !

 Because I wanted all her available jigsaws at that time ( only with a limited small amount of jigsaws the program is free )  I transferred the amount due to her bank account in Moscow and she forwarded me simultaneously the program by mail. Additionally with a small tool to transfer any photo or image in a new jigsaw puzzle.

This beautiful jigsaw puzzle game will bring you a lot of fun during many long winter evenings. Just with so many different features, that it takes too long to explain everything here. Find out for yourself !

* Download the Jigsaw Puzzle program here
* The 8 special Fiat 124 Spider jigsaws   here
* And a few nice ones for your kids         here

The Fiat 124 Spider- and Kids-jigsaws puzzles are zipped in two separate files that should be unzipped and moved or copied straight into the program directory, leaving the 8 Spider-jigsaw files in a new  ' Fiat124Spider ' directory and the Kids-jigsaws in a new directory ' Kids '.
To be able to open the Spider- and Kids jigsaw puzzles, enter the login name and password that you find in the text file which is also enclosed.

For your kids you will be able to make a jigsaw in 24 ( or less, depending on their age ) large pieces that can be handled easily. The amount of pieces can be increased to a maximum of more than 1100 pieces selecting from a number of different piece-shapes, well ordered or randomly mixed and ( to make it even much more complex ) the option of rotation of all the pieces. The choice is completely yours !  Image examples of these 8 Spider jigsaw puzzles can be viewed here .

The most attractive option is the possibility to save your jigsaw work after i.e. 5 minutes or half an hour fiddling and continue your partly made puzzle one hour, one day or a week later. It may be well understood, that you will have to save your jigsaw every time as soon as you close and leave the program.
In case you would like to have transformed pictures of your own 124 Spider  (or any other personal picture, photograph or image ) purchase the program at Lena Pankratova's website to register the BIGJIG Jigsaw Puzzle game on your own name and get an additional tool to change all your personal images into fascinating new jigsaw puzzles.

Sure, you are not the only  jigsaw puzzle addict....... enjoy this wonderful winter game !

Friday, November 24, 2017

French CAR-cartoons

CLAUDE SERRE (1938-1994) was a celebrated French cartoonist, draughtsman and illustrator. Famous for his bizarre sense of humor and beautiful detailed drawings.

After academic studies, he studied the craft of stained glass for eight years. He then started drawing cartoons and became an illustrator for many French journals, including Plexus, Planet, Hara-Kiri, Lui, Pariscope and La Vie Electrique. He also began illustrating books.

He incorporated his interest in the fantastic into many of his early lithographs, which were published, sometimes exclusively, in many countries including Japan and Germany. He also participated in both group and solo exhibitions.

Claude Serre died at the age of 60 in a car accident.
Many books were published about his work, from which one is titled L'AUTOMOBILE.

His web site with a number of his albums and cartoons you find HERE.
His unique cartoon album L'AUTOMOBILE  you can admire   HERE .

Wednesday, November 22, 2017

Lampredi: " Engines don't drink, they breathe "

Aurelio Lampredi ( 1917 - 1989 ) was very tall for an Italian.
He dressed with the expensive casualness of an English country gentleman.
When he talked to you, he drew with a wet felt-tip as if his mind could not work without the fluent movement of his fingers.
He was, by his own admission, one of the three men most responsible for the car you drove in the last decades (the others being Ferdinand Porsche and Colin Chapman).

His early years at Ferrari
When he went to work for Ferrari in 1946 all unblown racing engines gave about 50 bhp per litre. And in races of 500 kilometers most of them exploded. Yet within a couple of years he increased Ferrari's output to 100 bhp per litre. And they finished every race. First.

What working on aero engines taught him
He was applying the principles he'd learned earlier in his life when designing aero engines at Piaggio and Isotta Fraschini (trying to push as much oxygen in as possible and building them so they finish every flight or journey).
He concentrated on improving the airflow into the engine rather than streamlining the body shells as everyone was doing.
"When an athlete's short of breath, he's short of strength", he says. Thus he made the ducts inside the manifold and cylinder head more aerodynamic, so they breathed better.

What goes in must come out
He also redesigned the exhaust system.  
The faster the exhaust gasses can get out, the faster fresh oxygen can get in.
His idea was the double exhaust system, connected in pairs, and turned like a trumpet to match the inlet. A system still used on all racing cars, Ferraris, Fiats and Lancias at that time and during the following 30 years.

The production line
In 1955 he got the opportunity to see if his principles worked on the production line when he moved to Fiat. They worked beyond all their hopes, increasing the output of their engines by no less than 18 bhp. And because they were turning over more efficiently, they lasted longer: an average of 150,000 kms.
Among the many engines he designed from scratch the  Fiat 130, the Mirafiori Abarth two litre  (World Rally Champion three times) and the 127 Diesel. An early innovation of his was the 124 engine with double overhead camshafts and a timing belt instead of chains.
He subsequently increased this unique engine to 1600, 1800 and 2000 cc's, then used it as the model for the revolutionary 128 engine with a single overhead camshaft and a toothed timing belt.
To this day, many years later, no one has designed a better engine. Enlarged it also powered the Strada and the  Lancia Delta.

This kindly giant of a man who originally wanted to be a conductor and still loving the symphonies of the great romantics pondered on the future of the internal combustion engine. Meanwhile he has designed a remarkably quiet, small diesel engine for the Strada. He has blown a series of   Fiat 131  to give 130 bhp while respecting all pollution regulations and improving consumption and torque by 35%.

Aurelio Lampredi was the man largely responsible for the engine of most cars in the seventies, eighties and nineties of the former century.

Thursday, November 16, 2017

Lampredi's Dedicated Fan - part 2

So, as in many situations.... the lady (then Martijn's girlfriend) determined the final choice for a convertible and combined with his pronounced preference for a Lampredi engine, he decided for a Fiat 124 Spider.

After some research, a specific Spider was bought of which he had the idea that with some "tender loving care" it would be quite the car he was looking for.
And .... also could be their perfect wedding car a few months later !

Anyhow, after his purchase, he found out that the car had made far too many kilometers without any servicing, so in his opinion a direct revision of the engine would be most required. In that time an acquaintance brought to his attention Phil Ward's book "Fiat & Lancia Twin Cams". In this "Twin-cam bible" is described in all details how to tune and upgrade a twin-cam engine. So as you may guess, the revision of the engine of his Spider did not get a simple standard overhaul.

According to his character, doing half-hearted things is far from his nature. And taking the long road improving an engine (and car) to perfection there seems to be no end at all, together with all the information and advises during this almost endless journey: it took him 16 years and 4000 hours !
And yes, meanwhile Martijn & Mariëlle married in another car than their Spider....

Pictures mostly explain more than a thousand words.
So enjoy all visual details of the modifications of Martijn's unique 124 Spider down here and

Technical support, advice & survey: Spider specialist  Bas Gielen

Zoals zo vaak in zulke situaties.... bepaalde de vrouw (toen Martijn's vriendin) de uiteindelijke keuze voor een cabrio en in combinatie met Martijn's uitgesproken technische voorkeur voor een Lampredi krachtbron, besloot hij dat het dan een Fiat 124 Spider moest worden.

Na wat speurwerk werd een specifieke Spider gekocht waarvan hij het idee had, dat met wat "liefdevolle zorg" het helemaal de cabrio kon worden die hij zocht.
En .... toen ook zijn perfecte trouwauto kon zijn voor over 'n paar maanden !

Hoe dan ook, na zijn aankoop bleek dat de auto heel veel meer kilometers zonder enige service of onderhoud had gemaakt, dus zou een directe revisie van de motor volgens hem zeker dringend noodzakelijk zijn. In die tijd maakte een kennis hem ook attent op Phil Ward's boek "Fiat & Lancia Twin Cams". In deze "Twin-cam bijbel" wordt gedetailleerd beschreven, hoe een twin-cam motor opgevoerd en afgesteld moest worden.
Dus zoals je wel kunt raden, kreeg hierdoor de revisie van de Spider-motor niet een gewone "standaard" opknapbeurt.

Overeenkomstig zijn karakter, passen halfzachte oplossingen helemaal niet in zijn aard. En via de weg de motor (en de auto) tot enige perfectie te verbeteren ligt een lange open weg zonder eind, als je alle tussentijdse informatie en goede adviezen ook meetelt: het kostte hem 16 jaar en 4000 uur !
En ja, Martijn en Mariëlle trouwden in een andere auto dan in hun Spider....

Afbeeldingen en foto's vertellen vaak meer dan 1000 woorden.
Dus geniet hierbij van alle visuele details van de modifikaties en aanpassingen van Martijn's unieke 124 Spider hieronder en  OP  YOUTUBE .

Technische ondersteuning, advies & expertise: Spider specialist 
Bas Gielen


01  Balanced: crank, flywheel, rods and pistons - 25% lightened flywheel
02  Beta 1600 pistons boost compression up to 10.1 - 2000 Type water pump
03  130tc Fully ported head (specifications Guy Croft)
04  Equalized combustion chambers volume
05  Dimpled inlet to increase air flow, multiple angle valve seats
06  Custom valve guides (B1 copper/zinc/aluminum). These Lubricate under high °C
07  130tc-type head gasket and yield-type head bolts
08  Cam timing 26/66/66/26 lift 9.514. Adjustable cam pulley’s
09  Modified auxiliary shaft
10  Electric full race fuel pump (regulator required)
11  Fuel pressure regulator
12  Creating oil pressure before first run           
13  16-Row oil cooler
14  Thermostatically controlled
15  Completely overhauled Weber IDF 40 carburetors
16  CNC machined venturi using copper-calibrated tubes for the fuel intake
17  Installing the venturis
18  Left side upgrade - right side original setup
19  This setup provides torque at high rpm
20  By remaining the original 40 throttle valve there is no loss of bottom power
21  This would happen with a bigger setup (44 mm Weber’s)

22  Port matched intake manifold to prevent airflow obstructions
23  Custom made air horns. Full radius - completely CNC machined, creating more air intake
24  These trumpets are speeding up the airflow enhancing the response of the engine
25  K&N sport filter
26  Electronic ignition with high voltage coil (65000) improving the ignition of modern fuel
27  High performance ignition control module
28  Best standard manifold is the BS1 1600 because of tube-dimensions
29  Ceramic coated to prevent heath build-up (standard manifold used with standard cams)
30  Most effective standard exhaust system is the 1800
31  Tubes are 50 mm like an Abarth-system

Tuesday, November 7, 2017

Lampredi's Dedicated Fan - part 1

"Thank you Aurelio Lampredi for designing such a magnificent masterpiece", Martijn Voigt often said and thought many years ago about the "heart" of his very first car: the  Lancia Beta H.P. Executive.

The thrill of this early and exciting automotive experience never left his mind and made the decision for another car in later years, easy: it definitely should have a Lampredi twin-cam engine, Martijn knew for sure.
Martijn's wife Mariëlle - then his girlfriend - suggested with a romantic smile, that it possibly could be a convertible this time and the new car was born, the name: Fiat 124 Spider !

After 16 years and more than 4000 hours of complete restorating and rebuilding: enjoy here Martijn's and Mariëlle's magnificent  NEW DAZZLING CREATION .

"Bedankt Aurelio Lampredi voor dit prachtig stuk meesterwerk", zei en dacht Martijn Voigt vele jaren geleden vaak over het "hart" van zijn allereerste automobiel: de  Lancia Beta H.P. Executive.

De opwinding van die vroege, allesoverheersende auto-ervaring is nooit meer uit zijn hoofd weg geweest en maakte de beslissing voor een andere auto in latere jaren gemakkelijk: het moest hoe dan ook wéér met een Lampredi twin-cam motor zijn, wist Martijn heel zeker.
Martijn's vrouw Mariëlle - toen zijn vriendin - stelde met een romantische glimlach voor, dat het deze keer dan ook een cabrio zou kunnen zijn en de nieuwe auto was geboren, de naam: Fiat 124 Spider !

Na 16 jaar en meer dan 4000 uren van volledige restauratie en opnieuw opbouwen: geniet hier van Martijn's en Mariëlle's  NIEUWE OOGVERBLINDENDE CREATIE