Monday, November 14, 2016

My startup as a craftsman again

As I mentioned in my previous message 7 months ago, I started up my own craft as a jewellery designer / gold/silversmith again resulting in a series of 12 solid sterling silver pendants designed and handcrafted because of my fascination for the wisdoms of the Oriental astrology and horoscopes.

Not as a fanatic devotee but just because I found myself ( including my siblings and friends ) better characterized in the Chinese astrology than in our Western zodiacs.
So, just for the challenge and the fun to translate in a Western jewellery concept the many thousands years old wisdom of the Chinese astrology, not only captivating hundreds of millions of people in the Orient, but also a great many in our own Western world.

With the great support and digital help of my son Max, we made a website where you'll find all the details of ONE OF MY BUCKET LIST FASCINATIONS, that I can tick off now.

I am grateful if you help me to spread the word and share it on FACEBOOK and on PINTEREST.
Just in time for the holiday season !