Thursday, May 14, 2015

A short time-out to work on my bucket list

As you might have noticed, I am not spending much time these days to my beloved, time-consuming Fiat 124 Spider blog "La Bella Macchina" since the beginning of this year.
And that has a significant reason.
To be honest, I am too busy in a startup of a new personal adventure: a new enterprise in my old line of business again as a designer and creating craftsman.

So, this is not a goodbye or farewell message, but just an announcement of a temporary time-out.
I do regret daily that I am not able to split up myself and combine the time consuming activities owing to my new business ambitions and my undiminished, lifelong passion for the Fiat 124 Spider.
Read about my passionate 5000 kilometers, solo  ITALY TOUR  of last year earlier in this blog.

Although I am 71 years of age, I have all the energy and enthusiasm in the world to make a success of my new thrilling enterprise, because I am eager to  GO FOR ANOTHER 16 YEARS.
Why? Because I strongly intend to reach the ultimate age of 87. ( I like that number ;-)) ).

I will be back soon. Ciao !

Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Feel flattered

One of my followers / readers sent me a mail with THIS LINK.
Clicking one of the headers is giving THIS RESULT.

Nice ! I know that my blog is read worldwide.