Friday, November 27, 2015

Fiat 124 Spider 2016 Screensaver

Although screensavers are obsolete nowadays, I had a lot of fun making a screensaver of a bunch of new Fiat 124 Spider images. To share this fun with you, I made different zip-files to be able to download and install this screensaver. Make your choice out of either one of these 2 methods:

1. a so-called .scr file ( screensaver file ) that should be unzipped and copied directly in your Windows\Sysnative or Windows\System32 directory dependent on your Windows system and can be downloaded  HERE,

2. or a small and easy installation proggie, when unzipped can be installed directly on your system and should be downloaded  HERE.
And last but not least, you are able to  MUTE SOUND  in the screensaver  SETTINGS  and vice versa.
Enjoy  !  ( like I did  )