Friday, July 10, 2015

Car concepts between past and future


The Hungarian  DAVID OBENDORFER  ( 40 ) attended the University of Art and Design in Budapest and now works as a ship-designer in Bergamo, Italy. In his spare time he interprets and remodels the design of car classics in a new way.

His studies are causing a furore. The ship-designer David Obendorfer is creating in his spare time automobile neo-classics that do homage to their four-wheeled ancestors - so far, unfortunately, only virtually.

Actually, David Obendorfer has no idea about cars. Or almost none. Except for a six-month apprenticeship at Alfa Romeo, which finalised the Hungarian-born after graduating from the University of Art and Design in Budapest, he had been in no contact with the car industry.

In his professional life Obendorfer - as employee of  OFFICINA ITALIANA DESIGN  in Bergamo - is designing extremely luxurious yachts for the "financially happy few" in the world.

But while others after daily closing time in the car-free Città Alta Bergamo are enjoying a glass of Chianti, Obendorfer is devoted behind closed doors to his passion, creating neo-classic automobiles.

That is to say : He is wrapping up legendary Chrome Jewels as the BMW 2000CS ( + VIDEO ) , the RENAULT 4 ( + VIDEO ), the FIAT 127 (  + VIDEO ) or the FIAT 500 ( + VIDEO ) in a modern shell, without breaking with the tradition of the former style icons. And should not exist a model, as in the case of the Fiat 500 Spider, it will be redesigned by Obendorfer in a retro style look.

Around six months he needs on an average design study . "Of course I do not invest every free minute in my designs, especially when creating the 3D models it is important to take occasional breaks to detect errors in the proportions of the body".
Moreover Obendorfer is not only giving attention to the exterior silhouettes, but is dedicated to the inner values as well: giving a nostalgic-modern look to the interior. Therefore in his studies traditional materials and contemporary technologies meet, becoming a symbiosis of yesterday and tomorrow.

David Obendorfer does not see himself with his "design-workouts" in a pioneering role.
Finally already numerous classics from the past were pimped again and rolled onto the road like the Mini Cooper and the VW Beetle. But these are often overdrawn in his eyes. "I do like the clean and simple volume surfaces of many previous models," clarifies the smart Hungarian. "Unfortunately car designers today primarily rely on a strong and powerful brand style. That's why genuine automobile personalities are rare today".

"My aim is to use possible reference points from the past and future and to generate a contemporary styling that respects and continues the former lines". Or to put it in Oberdorfer's words: "I translate classics in a contemporary design language".

And this with success. Since his first design of the Renault 4 in 2011, a steadily growing group of admirers is enjoying his studies. Even renowned car magazines discovered his creative talent. That one of his virtual neo-classic cars once will be rolling over the asphalt, does not cross his mind at all.

"For me drawing retro cars is primarily a balance in my daily work. Moreover, I am not that naive to think that I will ever get a request from the car designing industry, so that the chief designer of Fiat or Renault should have to admit that a ship-designer designed their beautiful car.
That will never happen".