Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Italian roundtrip 4

( apart from countless other amazing, staggering, impressive and brilliant Italian observations )

1a. The Autostrada's are superbly constructed masterpieces with their innumerable tunnels
      and their on pillars built highways
1b. The road surfaces of the rest of the road network is in a lousy bad state.

2a. I observed and saw only NEW cars, despite the deep Italian financial crisis
2b. I noticed only two ( ! )  older Fiat Panda's. Italians are not interested in old-timers.

3a. In most cases these new cars were all white
3b. Very rarely I saw a car in a color other than white, black or (less) grey

4a. I felt like coming from another planet adjusting my driving speed according to the traffic
      speed limitation signs
4b. Speed limitations? WTF . . . Italians don't care at all !

5a. Despite four weeks of continuous sunshine in June, I did not see any Italian in a convertible
5b. I noticed 2 convertibles in this inviting topless period ( 1 from Britain and 1 from Germany)

6a. I noticed just ONE Alfa Spider
6b. Although I looked out for it: I observed NOT ONE  FIAT 124 SPIDER !
      Additionally it was an anticlimax to learn from many Italians that they didn't recognize
      their own Italian made Fiat 124 Spider anymore. Apart from that, they didn't care.

7a. Without prejudices, Italians ( both men and women ) are the most handsome, good-looking
      and well-dressed Europeans in my opinion
7b. I saw several Mona Lisa's walking around like the one on the painting in the Louvre in Paris.

8a. Italians are - beyond all doubt - superior MASTERS IN DESIGN
8b. And besides that, in many ways they are real MASTERS IN THE ART OF LIVING.

9a. Don't learn the Italian language if you don't have to
9b. With "va bene", "molto bene", "prego", "mille grazie", "buon giorno" and "arrivederci"
      you can travel the whole country.

10a. Pasta dishes are far too overrated in the Italian and international cuisine
10b. The first course anti-pasti dishes are far too underrated.

11a. I observed a large number of African boat refugees all over the country
11b. Although I avoid to discuss any political tinted subjects here, in my opinion it is a
        great injustice that the rest of Europe just doesn't give a damn about this major Italian
        ( thus collective ) European problem.

The Italian cartoon animator Bruno Bozzetto thinks differently.
Watch his crazy exaggerated "Europe versus Italy" animations HERE and HERE.