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Tjaarda Design - part 9 - Rayton Fissore 1

Tjaarda got restless after four years at Fiat, one reason being that the design center suffered from weak management which resulted mostly in all the important vehicles not being designed in-house but rather outside at Italdesign, Bertone and Pininfarina.

A new challenge came along to set up a design center for a group located outside Torino in the historic town of CHERASCO. Gulio Malvino, who was married to the daughter of the famed coach building family Fissore, had created a small factory to design and fabricate prototypes and small production armored cars and trucks.
Also involved in this business was GIANMARIO ROSSIGNOLO, who was the president and managing director of Lancia for many years and a friend of Tom Tjaarda.

Many interesting projects resulted from this new company. The Spanish company of SEAT AUTO had recently split with Fiat and were on their own now, looking for design expertise.

Tjaarda's relationship with Ford and Mr. LEE IACOCCA, who was now CEO at Chrysler, resulted in a number of prototypes being designed and built in the town of Cherasco. Also personal armored cars were built for Lancia, a very special jazzed up truck tractor called "cowboy" produced for Iveco, and then the now famous RAYTON FISSORE 4X4 MAGNUM, considered to be the very first SUV type vehicle, was then produced for the following eighteen years!

Following is a complete list of the vehicles which Tjaarda designed while working at Rayton Fissore:

SEAT RONDA                                                         production                      1981

SEAT GUAPPA COUPÉ                                         show car                         1981

CHRYSLER LEBARON                                       concept prototype           1982

CHRYSLER IMPERIAL                                       concept prototype           1982

SAAB VIKING                                                        SHOW CAR                   1982 

TORINO TAXI                                                         prototype                        1983

RAYTON FISSORE MAGNUM                            PRODUCTION              1984

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