Thursday, February 6, 2014

Tjaarda Design - part 2 - Coming to Italy

Illustrated above is a 1:10 scale model of a vehicle which Tjaarda designed during his last semester at the UNIVERSITY OF MICHIGAN.

Preparing for a degree in architecture, there were enough credits to take an elective on the side. His professor, AARRE KOTIVALO LAHTI, was a Professor of Art from Finland and made it clear that this elective was not a fun course. In other words Tjaarda could not design a sports car as was his desire!
So, to get around these limits placed by his professor, Tjaarda came up with an idea for a family car which he called a - SPORT WAGON.

As it turned out, Lahti had been on a sabbatical  in Europe during the summer of 1967, had visited all the well known design oriented manufacturers like Philips, Olivetti, Mercedes as well as the now famous carrozzeria's in the Turin area as Bertone, Farina and - Ghia.

Luigi Segre, the owner of Ghia, mentioned that they were looking for a designer and asked Professor Lahti if he had some student who might work in Italy for a year.

What followed this simple offer is documented in the next volumes, and of course the projected one year stay in Italy turned out to be a bit longer than anticipated.

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