Thursday, February 6, 2014

Tom Tjaarda's scientific archive

From correspondence that I carried on a few years ago with the German automobile historian Dr. Stefan Dierkes appeared, that Tom Tjaarda for the benefit of a scientific archiving of his immense amount of produced work, the publicity rights of all his sketches, drawings, designs and photo archives from his very productive automotive life was handed over to the mentioned German automobile historian in July 2004.

I , Anthony Westen, still have contact with Tom Tjaarda, who is living in Turin and still runs his Design Studio there. He was among many other things design consultant for the exclusive automobile builders Spyker in Zeewolde (Netherlands) and is invited regularly by automobile builders in Detroit, Germany, Korea, Japan and China. He is still worldwide a celebrated and favorite designer and design consultant.

Due to a full scheduled agenda still, Tom Tjaarda requested this automobile historian in particular to archive his files, because he was well-known with the material: he had already successfully archived and charted before the life and work of the legendary car designer Pietro Frua ( 1913-1983 ).

In short
I am happy that Tom Tjaarda already had written his Fiat 124 Spider story for me and had sent me the exclusive summary of his Automotive Design and Industrial Design projects as well as all the corresponding photos (in February-March 2004) a good length of time before the mentioned historian came into sight.

I am very proud, that Tom Tjaarda wrote this story exclusively for me and my website. Together with the conclusive copyright protection by the German historian since July 2004, the exclusivity of the exposed material of Tom Tjaarda on my web blog will be well preserved and protected adequately.