Friday, January 24, 2014

Like a Phoenix

Now that I had to close my site and my site involuntarily, I will republish gradually all my files, photos, images, videos and music about my precious 124 Spider again through this new Spider related website.

Background: my site Spidersweb was hacked completely twice in the last week of December 2013 and in the following first week of January 2014 and all my 500 ( bilingual ) web pages were infected by morbid malware intentionally, sent by outside sick morons so that I no control over my heavily infected site anymore.

After more than 10 years ( from 2003 on ) designing, creating, writing, translating, illustrating and - last but not least - financing privately, I had to remove all my files, photos, images, videos and music, and to close my site instantaneously after consultation with my hosting company, when the site was hacked for the second time last January 10. 2014.

Anyhow, I herewith welcome again all my loyal worldwide Fiat 124 Spider friends, visitors and interested persons to my well-attended new Fiat 124 Spider website !