Sunday, September 23, 2012

Fascinating Automotive Designs

About ten years ago I stumbled over a thrilling picture of a quite UNUSUAL MOTORCYCLE .
Because of my unremitting curious nature, I wanted to know who designed and created this
WONDERFUL VEHICLE and found out on a Russian ( ! ) website, that it was created by the Italian engineer, automobile and motorcycle designer ( Francesco Zefferino ) FRANCO SBARRO , living and working in Neuch√Ętel, Switzerland.

And . . . . on these completely unexpected Russian pages a fascinating new world opened in front of me. I lost all my consciousness of time and was dreaming in a fantasy world for many, many, many hours.
I found myself on the website of CARDESIGN.RU which was at that time only in the Russian language. Because of the widespread international interest in the site, a part of it was separated later in the English language with the address CARDESIGNCOMMUNITY.COM describe themselves as: a professional informative online service and online community aimed mainly at professionals in the automotive industry, design students and transportation design devotees.
The project was launched in 2001 as a Russian-speaking web-source, which deservedly gained general popularity in Russia and other countries – starting with the specialists, who work in the industrial and automotive design sphere. today is the most Ru-net wide popular resource of transportation design, it is visited monthly by over 200 000 people, who view about 1.5 million pages. They are confident that will multiply its success!’s audience are always in the know, about the latest red hot information in the automotive world and allied fields. On they post fresh Autonews, their reporters visit all the main International Auto Shows and exhibitions, providing quick and detailed reports and photo-reviews. They cover, best transportation design degree-shows, carry out analytical test-drives, do interviews with famous designers, publish historic reviews, inform of changes in design studios and world famous schools preparing industrial designers, announce design contests which are being held all over the world, introduce their readers to some useful information in allied design spheres. The site has a reputation as an independent source of valuable current information in the transportation design field. is an international online community for automotive designers. Their mission is to introduce designers to the automotive market and being an informational source on design subjects.
    They facilitate with:
  • effective and convenient interaction between transportation designers all over the world;
  • enriching the design outlook for their audience;
  • self-development of young specialists and those who want to become a designer – in professional, informational and personal aspects;
  • establishment of direct communications between the designers and their potential employers.
A magnificent concept creation and prototype was made for BMW: the BMW i8 Concept Spyder 2012, which was on the Moscow International Automobile Salon from August 31 - September 9, 2012:

( The represented pictures are taken from the website of )