Thursday, August 2, 2012

Wake up call about texting

Sometimes a simple, non-professional movie has a lot more effect than any official governmental TV- or radio-warning.

A young lady, actually a teenager, is texting an SMS-message while she is driving: 'James, my mate fancies u.' Her giggling friends are meddling with the text and, during a few seconds the car is driving on the wrong side of the road.

Bammm . . . . frontally on an oncoming car. The girls are launched and catapulted through the car, necks are dangling on their shoulders, blood, glass, screaming, a lot of noise. Then an ambulance, a baby with a motionless sight, a couple in the oncoming car that does not react anymore. This simple four minute movie is an gigantic hit and just doing where dozens of governmental movies failed: being successful to young people. Up till now it has been downloaded more than ten million times.

The Gwent police department in South Wales decided to address the dangers of texting while driving with the help of filmmaker Peter Watkins-Hughes. The title is “COW – The Film That Will Stop Texting and Driving. It is named after the character Cassie Cowan, the name of the character in the short film/PSA that causes the lethal chain of events.

'It was only meant to be used within our department', says Kate, the flabbergasted spokeswoman of the Gwent police. 'Its popularity surprised us enormously and overwhelmed us'.
Fox and CNN broadcasted it meanwhile, just like networks in India, Canada and Australia. The Gwent police department received feedback from young people from all over the world, promising never texting anymore while driving.

Although the movie is very intense, it really puts things into perspective. Is texting when your driving worth risking the lives of your friends? Your family? Other drivers? People’s parents? Peoples kids? Was the text that important? Is it worth the risk of living as a vegetable for the rest of your life?
Texting, drinking, eating, fiddling through music, whatever the distraction, it really isn’t worth it. I’m not saying I’ve never done it, but I wouldn’t say that I do it anymore. Getting into an accident is scary enough when it isn’t even your fault. You don’t need to increase your chances of getting into one by doing something stupid.

The Chief Constable Mick Giannasi said that it was the department’s intent for the PSA to reach a larger audience than just Wales. They were successful. This film will save lives.

You find the shocking movie HERE