Friday, August 3, 2012

My Fiat 124 Spider navigator

I replaced the standard startup image of my TOMTOM ONE XL (Western Europe) by an image that I made myself and pleases me a lot more than the old impersonal one.
Click here to see how it looked BEFORE and how it looks NOW .

Also the standard shut-down image had to disappear and I replaced
the OLD one for the NEW image. Looks much more personal and attractive, isn't it?

You are allowed to use these 124 Spider images for your own TomTom as well. Just download them directly and save these to your hard disk, but don't change the present name and file extension (splashw.bmp en antitheftw.bmp).
P.S.: these new Spider-images are suitable for the socalled 'wide screen devices' like the TOMTOM ONE XL, GO 510/710/910 and higher.

A clear explanation how these personal images can be mounted on your own TOMTOM, you will find HERE for the start-up picture and for the shut-down picture HERE .

The GARMIN navigator has the same option of replacing the old image for a more personal one. Just follow the next steps: After you have loaded JPEG picture files onto the nuvi, follow these instructions to set the picture as the Splash Screen (start up screen).
1) From the Main screen touch Tools
2) Touch Picture ViewerSplash Screen
3) Select the image you want to set as the preferred image
4) Check the box next to Display at power on?
Once you check the box, the image is now set as the Splash Screen. To view it simply turn the unit OFF and back ON